Growing a strong company culture in a hybrid work environment

Since the start of the pandemic, the coDesign team has conducted extensive research and interviewed countless experts in People Ops, HR, Workplace, and Facilities roles. The goal? To learn from a wide range of individuals at an array of companies about how they’re navigating COVID, the challenges they’ve faced, and what they imagine the future of work will look like.

In almost every conversation that we’ve had, interviewees have raised concerns over how to promote company culture as a hybrid workforce, post-COVID. Our professional opinion? Having both a hybrid work model and a strong company culture is entirely possible, it just takes a bit more planning and intentionality.

In response to all this concern over promoting culture post-COVID, we’ve compiled a list of great articles that center around building a strong company culture under a hybrid work model. We recommend you give them a read!

The authors of this article by the Harvard Business Review, urge employers to move away from an office-centric approach to reinforcing culture, as they argue that this method of cultural promotion will no longer work for a remote or hybrid workforce. With this said, however, they do still believe that your physical workplace should not be neglected. Rather, changes should be made to your space that (1) share your culture with those employees that do visit the office, and (2) ensure that access to culture is evenly distributed amongst remote and in-office workers.

This article written by Miro, a digital whiteboarding tool, presents 11 steps for building a strong remote work culture. The article stresses the importance of being intentional about culture building and the need to clearly communicate with your workforce.

This Forbes article stresses that creating a solid company culture for a hybrid workforce will take significant effort. It presents 8 things that companies should consider as they work to build their culture as a hybrid workforce:

  1. Shared purpose

  2. Accountability

  3. Conflict

  4. Visibility & Accessibility

  5. Transparency

  6. Social Capital

  7. Place

We hope you find these articles helpful but if you feel like you need a little bit more information, please reach out to us. At coDesign, we specialize in creating hybrid workplaces that account for in-office and remote employees, and ensure that work culture remains regardless of where you are located.