3 Great Podcasts About Hybrid Working

Most companies have announced their plan to move forward as a hybrid organization (of some sort), but it’s safe to say that the hybrid models they’ve selected will morph over time. The next 6-12 months should be thought of as a learning period. Time and experience will reveal to companies what works for them and what doesn’t – they’ll gain a better understanding of how much freedom to provide employees, test out various technology setups, and make policy adjustments that will support their recruiting and retention efforts.

Because we’re excited about flexible working, and in the spirit of learning, we’ve shared a few of our favorite podcasts about hybrid work below. When you’ve got a free moment, give them a listen!

Hybrid Work is Here to Stay. Now What? (25 min)

In this HBR episode, host Curt Nickisch interviews Nicholas Bloom, a Stanford University economics professor who has studied hybrid working for almost 20 years. Bloom discusses the transition to hybrid work and the various degrees of employee choice that each hybrid work model provides. He also discusses what he calls the “Diversity Crisis,” and additionally, provides managers with advice for communicating a company’s hybrid work policy to their teams.

Reimagine Hybrid Work: Navigating the Challenges of Hybrid Work.

(21 min)

In this episode of Reimagine Hybrid Work, host Maribel Lopez interviews Jeetu Patel, the EVP and GM of Cisco’s Security and Collaboration Business Units. Patel dives into the technology challenges surrounding hybrid working. He also touches upon the topics of workplace equity, working across time zones, and how recruiters are benefiting from companies adopting hybrid work models.

‘Why do we have to go back to the office?’: Employees are divided about returning.

(11 min)

In this NPR segment, host Audie Cornish speaks with US-based employees, CEO’s, and Workplace Expert Susan Lund, about the future of work. Cornish explores how different people feel about the general shift to hybrid work, and additionally, their thoughts about the returning to the office.

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