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CoDesign brings world-class design and construction talent together at one table to design forward-thinking workspaces. We believe in the power and possibility of real workspaces. Places where people of great diversity come together in pursuit of a higher goal. Places where world changing work is done. Places where new relationships are started and built.

Reach out to get started!


Interviews & surveys with the team to collect data, analysis and priorities of what is required.


Model innovative workplace ideas and program goals into plans to start developing options for moving forward.


As a General Contractor we use our construction knowledge to arrive at the expected cost of each test fit.


We learn about project milestones and build out detailed schedules to accompany each test fit.

Helping high-growth companies stay focused on growing.

San Francisco

1390 Market Street,

Suite 200,

San Francisco CA 94621


1195 Park Avenue,

Suite 102, 

Emeryville, CA 94608

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