Our methodology challenges the faceted, traditional building model by seamlessly weaving strategy, design & construction into a 4-step process.


In this phase, we submerge ourselves into your world. We learn everything about your office culture, your  business goals, and your vision.

Benefits of this phase

Vision alignment

Goal definition​

Stakeholder engagement

The Wall of Ideas
Blue Print


We work collaboratively to define a roadmap for your vision.

Whether you're looking to improve productivity at your workplace or rethink the way your employee engagement strategy, we help you create a structured approach.

Highlights of this phase

TImeline definition

Expectation alignment

Design Ideation

Budget checkpoint


An office isn't just a space, it is a combination of culture, people, context, brand, inclusivity, collaboration and engagement. We believe in exploring each of those aspects and align them with your vision.

In this phase, we use a multitude of tools to help you visualize your future workplace and develop a place to that's tailored to you.

Highlights of this phase

Space planning

Technology infused visualization

Budget checkpoint

Design Iteration

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A fully integrated process is a solid base for a perfect delivery. In this phase, we focus on making sure every requirement has been met, up to the last detail.

Highlights of this phase

Close out


Feedback loop

Workplace strategy, design and delivery are approached concurrently and allow us to provide an excellent service where all of our experts are focused one vision: yours.

We are multidisciplinary, we are an integrated service, we're architects, designers, project managers and builders.