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coDesign is a group of experienced professionals focusing on post covid workplace designs. Our Silicon Valley team works closely with hi-tech organizations to strategically plan, visualize, and implement changes that create engaging, collaborative, and functional post-covid office environments. We help you repurpose static workplace into post-covid collaboration hubs that foster innovation, reinforces your culture and promotes your brand.


Since the pandemic began in March, we have surveyed over 30,000 knowledge workers to understand their ideal future work environment. We also interviewed over 150 Workplace, HR/People professionals from leading technology companies to better understand their challenges related to the looming return to office problem.

We found there is a fundamental paradigm shift taking place in the workplace. For example, 78% of knowledge workers want to complete their focus work away from the office at home or in a coffee shop. They view the office as a place for collaboration, socializing, and learning. We help companies create destinations that are designed to promote these experiences.  

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