Private booths and meeting pods

starting at $2500

Privacy phone booths, meeting pods and more

Every space needs a focus area. See our range of acoustic phone booths, double booths, meeting pods and collaborative modular furniture to optimize the creativity and productivity of your office space. Get a custom quote!

Euro Single Booth
Euro Double Booth
Euro Double Booth
Halo Single Booth
Single Soft Pod
Duo Team Booth
Link Pod
Link Pod
Link Pod
Hana Booth
Halo Booth
Halo Meeting Booth
Halo Meeting XL
Soft Team Pod
Nook Pod
Nook Pod
Room Pod
Railway Single Booth
Railway Double Booth
Honeycomb Booth
Hive Booth
Honeycomb Team Booth
Acoustic Meeting Pod
Cape Meeting
Cape Lounge
Loop Bench Seating
Wing Acoustic Chair
Euro Single Booth
Euro Double Booth
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